The Okinawan sweet potato, not related to the potato, is actually part of the morning-glory family, a vine coveted for its beautiful deep purple flower. 0. Purple Sweet Potato Nutrition. Here are 6 amazing health benefits of sweet potatoes 1. By Nia Jul 18, 2012. My journey to the Okinawan sweet potato. A cup (200 grams) of baked sweet potatoes … Okinawan sweet potatoes have a beige outer skin and a deep, blue-purple flesh. 0 Shares 0. They have a mildly sweet … Food here is expensive (the kind of government subsidies that exist in the states I don’t believe exist here), sweet potatoes not excepting (costs about 95 yen, or $1 for a small/medium sweet potato). 0. Okinawan sweet potatoes, sometimes called Japanese purple potatoes, or Japanese sweet potatoes, are a unique variety of sweet potato which is actually native to the Americas, not Japan, let alone Okinawa. Other type is Stokes purple sweet potato. 0. Benefits of Eating Okinawan Sweet Potato. These sweet potatoes … It is well known that sweet potatoes … Today, Okinawan sweet potatoes, sometimes known as Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes, are a part of the native menu in Hawaii. Okinawan Sweet Potato Very Nutritious. One of the many varieties of sweet potatoes is the Okinawan purple sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. There is a reason why Okinawans eat rice, along with most Asian cultures–it’s cheap food! Native to the Americas, the “Okinawan” sweet potato … Sweet potatoes are one of the principle ingredients in traditional Okinawan cuisine (Credit: Alamy) The benefits of the Okinawan Diet may not end with its calorie restriction. Sweet potatoes with purple flesh are from the same family as regular sweet potatoes. She rarely eats sweet potatoes, but always eats rice. 0 .

okinawan sweet potato benefits

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