6.1 Roles and Responsibilities: Deputy Head and Information Management Senior Official. 2: Give additional information about your replacement's specific duties. 1. Together with the NIMP, this Directive is the cornerstone for all IM-related directives, guidelines and standards within NATO, NATO civil and military bodies and NATO-led Communities of Interest. The roles and responsibilities for IM stakeholders are defined in the Treasury Board (TB) Policy on IM and Directive on IM Roles and Responsibilities. EPA Roles and Responsibilities Procedures ... IT/IM DIRECTIVE. TBS - Information Management Guidelines - establishes guidelines on departmental planning of IT and IM. IM/IT Directives; Share. REASON FOR ISSUE: This Handbook defines roles, responsibilities, and procedures to implement VA Directive 6510, VA Identity and Access Management, for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). roles, responsibilities, management commitment, coordination among organizational entities, and compliance; and (1) Policies shall be consistent with applicable federal laws, Executive Orders, directives, policies, regulations, standards, and guidance where applicable. 3. PROCEDURE. 2. TBS - Policy on Information Management: Establishes the value of information resources to the GC and the requirement for all employees to be involved in their management. TBS - Directive on Information Management Roles and Responsibilities - establishes accountabilities for IM of different levels of civil servants. ii) Procedures to facilitate the implementation of the system and information IM roles and responsibilities for CBSA specific positions are included in the Agency’s IM Policy. Facebook; Twitter; Google+; Pinterest; Contact Us; Procedures Defining Information Security Roles and Responsibilities. d) c) The CSIRC manager or alternate shall notify the Information Security Officer (ISO), the System Owner (SO), the National Security Information (NSI) Program Team and the CISO. The Roles and Responsibilities for the positions/individuals identified below in sections 6.3-6.7 inclusive are established in the Treasury Board Secretariat’s (TBS) Policy on Information Management [4] and in policy instruments derived there from, including the Directive on IM Roles and Responsibilities [3]. It describes all aspects of information management in NATO at a high level. Governance of the Secretariat's Open Government Implementation Plan is closely linked with the responsibilities of the department's Deputy Head and the department's Information Management Senior Official (IMSO), as set out in the Directive on Open Government: TBS - Directive on Information Management Roles and Responsibilities: Establishes IM … The purpose of this document is to ensure that the EPA roles are defined with specific responsibilities for each role and for people who have been assigned to the listed roles. SUMMARY OF CONTENT/MAJOR CHANGES: This Handbook sets forth roles, responsibilities, and procedures for VA Identity and Access Management. Be specific as to time, place, and the task(s) involved. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (IT/IM) GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK Date Approved: 02/24/2016 — Outline the roles and responsibilities associated with the Integrated IT/IM Governance Framework, with a focus on the following governance activities and disciplines: • Strategic planning and enterprise architecture, • IT investment management, and 1: Make the request or assignment.

directive on im roles and responsibilities

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